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Fogo Island

Sometimes you come across a place that is unique, beautiful, and full of wonder. A place that has an aura about it and gives a feeling of being unlike any other place in the world. Fogo Island is that place. A tiny island that causes you to consider life differently. It allows you to step into the past while wondering about the future all that the same time.

Fogo Island is located in Newfoundland, Canada.

We were on the island to explore our heritage and pass stories onto the next generation. Additionally, we wanted to take the opportunity to visit places on the island that would be new to us, creating an added level of excitement to our trip.

When we boarded the ferry that would take us to the island, it was a bright sunny day that allowed us to stay outside and enjoy the ocean views and passing landscapes. After we arrived on the Island we immediately headed to our accommodations (Airbnb), where we were welcomed with hospitality, a wonderful view of the ocean, and a few local snacks.

Fogo Island has so much to explore and much to write about. However, for this blog, I'll keep the focus a little broader by touching on a couple of highlights that we experienced. The geography of the island makes for a selection of hikes that offer wide-open vistas as you follow narrow paths cut by those who have gone before you. As much as I love a hike to leads to a summit experience, what I enjoyed about our Fogo Island hikes, was the availability of incredible views throughout the majority of the hike. Yes, the trails did lead to a destination of sorts, but because of the openness, you basically had 360º eye candy all the way.

Some trails took you up a rocky hillside to a stunning ocean view that sat and the edge of a steep cliffside. While other sea-level trails lead you ocean side listening to the waves breaking along the shore as you passed by. Here's a glimpse at some of the trails we explored.


Trail: Brimstone Head – 1.1km

Feature: View, Historic, Pond

Difficulty: Moderate

One very interesting trail (Brimstone Head) leads you to the aforementioned cliffside view. What's also of note, is that this location is considered one of the "Four Corners of the Flat Earth (by those who might adhere to a flat earth theory)." This location makes for a great photo opp on two levels: One you're at one of the four corners of the earth, and secondly, and more notably is the view of the ocean that is truly maximized at Sunset.


Trail: Lions Den – 7.2km

Feature: View, Historic, Pond

Difficulty: Moderate

Looped Trail

Another hillside hike, .... takes you on a slightly more challenging path (due to loose footing) where you can see Whitewater Pond, nestled between two high points. It's an unexpected feature that I would highly recommend checking out. As you walk along this trail it's almost like you can hear the history in the air.


Trail: Joe Batt's Trail – 5.5KM

Feature: View, Architecture

Difficulty: Easy

Out & Back

As you stroll along the Atlantic Coastline admiring the sound of the water (providing the weather allows for that), you'll also notice incredible artist studios that you'll wish you could stay in for more than a few days. On this trail, you'll see various birds, and potentially other land-based wildlife in the distance. This is a great early morning route with a plan to stop along the way to admire the scenery with a hot cup of coffee.


Fogo Island is a place you have to go at least once. It's also a place you could easily revisit. Some would say it's best taken in during the height of the iceberg season, as many of the coastal views allow you to see these natural beauties with surreal backgrounds. I suggest that's likely true, but I don't think there would be a time that wouldn't warrant the effort to get to the island. It won't disappoint at any time.

Finally, one can't close out any discussion about Fogo Island without referencing the World Renown, FOGO ISLAND INN. It is what it is, and we'll let the photo do the talking at this point.

Fogo Island Inn:

Fogo Island Trail Map:

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