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Lake Simcoe to Midland.

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Our journey through a portion of the Trent-Severn Waterway that took us from Lake Simcoe to Midland, Ontario.

Travel time information.

It's not easy to find information about actual travel times along the Trent-Severn Waterway. You can find distances, Lock numbers, anchorages and great restaurants... but when it comes to planning a trip (specially for the first time), it really helps to have a base travel time to work from. So my trusty first mate and wife (Pamela) has helped me to log our trip so it can be used by others as a reference for a simple but scenic trip that covers some of the best parts of the Trent-Severn Waterway.

2-Day Travel Notes.

Below you'll find all kinds of information that might help you plan your own voyage, but here's the notes from our 2-Day trip from Lake Simcoe to Midland and back.

It's a long run for a period of 2 days - for sure. But I like to keep moving and even with a short amount of time it proved to be an attainable goal for a captain that doesn't mind being at the helm for +6 hours a day.

Before Departure.

To make the most of our two-day time frame, I took a day prior to our trip to prepare a few things in advance. This way when our travel team arrived it was a matter of boarding, settling our gear and off we went (sure beats an hour at the dock prepping things last minute).

  • Fuel: Filled the Tanks (75 Gal, 280L)

  • Setup Buoys and Dock lines for both the Port & Starboard sides

  • Cleaned the interior and exterior

  • Emptied the Waste Tank

  • Filled the Fresh Water Tank

  • Check supplies

Trip Waypoints.

  1. Marine del Rae – Atherley Narrows

  2. Atherley Narrows – Severn River Entrance

  3. Severn River – Lock 42 (Couchiching)

  4. Lock 42 – Sparrow Lake

  5. Sparrow Lake – Lock 43 (Swift Rapids)

  6. Lock 43 – Lock 44 (Big Chute)

  7. Lock 44 – Lock 45 (Port Severn)

  8. Lock 45 – S.S. Keewatin (Port McNicoll)

  9. Port McNicoll – Midland, ON (Harbour)


  • Fuel: 220L

  • Mooring (Midland Harbour): $54.00

  • Lock Pass (2x One Day): $88.00

  • Kawartha's Ice Cream (x4): Priceless.

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