our story

    Our Story    

The story is simple and short. Well not really, but here's the basics...

Donny (Uncle) and David (Nephew) both enjoy the outdoors - immensely. Having never journeyed together, one day David invited Uncle Donny to come hunting with him. That's really all it took. From there they started hunting together, talking about the outdoors and sharing stories from their own experience. This lead them to an idea that too many people don't get to encounter the outdoors, its wonders and the the stories that come from thought encounters. 


We both realized that many people are often amazed at how easy it is to step out of your town, city or backyard and find an amazing story that is backdropped by God's beautiful creation. We decided we wanted to do something about that and do our part to help people connect with the outdoors by sharing our stories, our adventures for each step of the way.

So, learn from our adventures and the stories we tell. Be encouraged to follow in our steps or go ahead and blaze a new trail for others to follow. We'd love to hear about your excursions!

Most importantly... find your stories waiting to be lived out.

~ David & Uncle Donny ~